SAE Collegiate Design Series

Understanding the Fast Track Roster Process

The Fast Track Registration Process alleviates long lines and allows more time for your team to focus on your project(s).  Every team is required to print their roster ahead of time and complete it prior to arriving at competition.  Any handwritten roster additions will not be provided any giveaways.  Absolutely no exceptions.

What is the timeframe we need to get team members affiliated?
As team members join the team, they should affiliate themselves online. Two weeks prior to competition, no one will be permitted to add/modify information.  Then one Fast Track Roster can be printed out and signed by all members.

How do I add my Faculty Advisor if they are not a member of SAE International?
Faculty Advisors can apply for a free customer number at After, email their customer number to CDS staff will affiliate them to the university and then they can be added.  NOTE: They must be added two weeks prior to the competition just as team members are also required.

What happens if we get our Fast Track Roster and we still need team members added?
Writing in team members to the final list prior to registration onsite will be accepted, but they will only receive wristbands.  Giveaways will not be provided for any members who are RED or handwritten.

Onsite Registration will not be open every day; what do we do if we have a team member coming late?
As long as that team member is GREEN and signed the waiver, we will consider them registered and the Team Captain/Advisor will be given his/her wristband at the time team registers. It will be the responsibility of the Team Captain/Advisor to give him/her their wristband and any other deliverables upon their arrival.  Anyone who is RED or missing and cannot come to Registration while it is open will be considered a spectator.

If we have all our team members affiliated but they are missing required information, what do we do?
If you notice someone who is RED, encourage those team members to login and complete the information prior to two weeks before the competition.  Giveaways will not be provided for any members who are RED or handwritten.

What does it mean if everything is complete on our Fast Track Roster?
Having all team members and Faculty Advisors GREEN prior to arrival onsite will allow your team to have a quick registration where only the team captain/advisor is required to report to registration area. He/she will be responsible for signing as witness in front of SAE staff/volunteers that the team registration being submitted is complete and accurate with those onsite and attending. He/she will also be responsible for picking up all giveaways and wristbands, distributing to team members and ensuring team members wear them.