SAE Collegiate Design Series

2004 Awards

Below are the 2004 Aero Design West results. Congratulations to all teams.

Most Weight Lifted
Regular - Ecole de technologie superieure, ACE 35.96 lbs.
Open - University of Missouri-Rolla, Advanced Aero-Vehicle Group 56.56 lbs.

Best Design Report
Michigan Tech University, Mighty Mutts 29.80 out of 30 pts.

Award for Engineering Design Excellence (Oral Presentation)
1st Place - University of Akron, Conquest 29.33 out of 30 pts.

Most Innovative Design
Colorado State University

Most Interesting Flight Path (Best Crash)
University of Akron, C-04 Predator

Elliot & Dorothy Green Awards of Excellence - Regular Class
1st - Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Lord of the Wing 251.0431 pts. & 34.03 lbs.
2nd - Auburn University, Flying Tigers 239.5704 pts. & 33.14 lbs.
3rd - Ecole de technologie superieure, ACE 238.6635 pts. & 35.96 lbs.

Open Class Overall Awards
1st - University of Akron, Conquest 165.7638 pts. & 47.17 lbs.
2nd - University of Missouri-Rolla, Adv. Aero-Vehicle Group 162.0339 pts. & 48.04 lbs.