SAE Collegiate Design Series

Creating an account on 

  1.  All AutoDrive Challenge™ Participants MUST create an account on the website. To be considered an active team member and permitted on the team each individual member must complete the non-disclosure agreements that are located on the website. Navigate to
  2. Enter your information.  Choose Team Advisor (Authorization Number Required) or Team Captain /Team Member (non-Captain).
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. Select your University from the School List.  If your University begins with “University of…,” it may be listed as “University of…” or “Univ of….“
  5. Select your Team.
  6. Enter your Display Name.  This is the name that will be displayed instead of your account username in the team-related areas of the site.  This should be a name by which others will easily recognize you.
  7. This will create a request that will be sent to theAdvisor for approval.  If that person does not yet have an account, encourage them to sign up here and choose the " Advisor" option so that your team can start using this site.  Once your request has been approved (or rejected) you will be notified via email.