Baja SAE® - UTEP

April 24 - 27, 2014

El Paso, Texas, USA

University of Texas - El Paso


Registration Fee: $1100.00
Registration Limit: 100 teams
Registration opens Tuesday, October 8, 2013 10:00 AM EST

Engines can be ordered once your team has registered for the event through your team's profile page. The cost of the engine is $200.00. Engines can only be ordered until December 16, 2013. Engines will not ship from Briggs & Stratton until after January 1, 2014.

Visit the Organizer's website at for more information .

Dynamic events will include:

Hill Climb
Suspension and Traction

Event Locations

Registration/ Static Event Location
The University of Texas at El Paso Rudolph Parking Lot:
Miner Tent / R-2 Lot
500 West University Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79968

Dynamic Event Location
The University of Texas at El Paso
Recreational Sports Complex
500 West University Avenue
El Paso, Texas 79968

Shipping Procedure & Policies

UTEP's Central Receiving address will be used for all shipments. The University of Texas at El Paso Central Receiving Department Attn: Baja SAE UTEP 2014 3120 Sun Bowl Drive El Paso, TX 79968

Shipping Process Flow
  1. Send Shipping Information
  2. Shipment Approval Confirmation
  3. Ship Vehicle
  4. Confirmation of Arrival
  5. Pick Up Vehicle
  6. Participate
  7. Package and Ship Back

Site will not receive vehicles before Monday, March 31, 2014

Required Shipping Information
  • Advance notification via email is required. If you do not provide adequate advance notice, UTEP Central Receiving will not accept your shipment. This information should include:
  • Name of school, team number and primary contact information
  • Description of shipment / items being shipped
  • When and by what method will the shipment arrive?
  • Approximate date of arrival
  • When and by what method will the shipment be returned?
  • Email to with the title "Shipment from [Your School/Team Number]".
  • Teams will receive a confirmation email that the shipment will be accepted.

Delivery of Packages
  • Teams will be allowed to pick up shipped engines and other items during normal business hours beginning Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
  • Location: 3105 Sun Bowl Drive (Across the street form 3120 Sun Bowl Dr.)
  • Vehicles will be delivered to your working area the day of the event.

Shipping Packages Back
  • All items being shipped back after the event must be packed and addressed appropriately by the end of the event (Sunday, April 27, 2014 by 5:00 pm)
  • Items not properly packed and shipped out of UTEP by close of business Wednesday, April 30, 2014 (4:00 pm) will be disposed.
  • Event site/organizers/SAE will not assume responsibility for any items left behind or disposed

  • Each team must have a fire extinguisher
  • No tools will be available from UTEP
  • You may not work on your vehicle on UTEP Premises before Thursday April 24th, 2014.
  • You will be working in R-5 outdoor parking lot.
  • Be professional at all times
  • All event participants, spectators, and visitors must follow the Baja SAE's Rules and Event Guidelines

  • Event site/organizers/SAE reserves the right to amend or add to these regulations. Updated information will be posted to the website as it becomes available


Important Notice !

Baja SAE Spectator and Dynamic Event Policy

In 2013, a new Spectator and Dynamic Event Policy went into effect. These policies may affect your strategy for the Endurance event. Please read this notice carefully.

Spectators - If you are watching a dynamic event, then you are a spectator. Only drivers and the event volunteers are allowed on the course during dynamic events. Team members who are watching the event are spectators.

Spectator Areas - Spectators must remain in the designated spectator areas. This includes all team members who are watching the event. If you are not inside a designated spectator area then assume you are in a prohibited area.

Warning - Any spectator found inside a course boundary may be asked to leave the event.

Repairs Only in the Pits/Paddocks - Repairs may only be done in your pit/paddock. No repairs are permitted on any dynamic event course, staging area or the practice track. Do not have tools in, or with, your car.

Hands Only - Any adjustment/repair that requires a tool must be done in your pit.

Dynamic Event Staging: Driver and Escort - Only the driver and one escort are allowed in the dynamic event staging areas. Note - Dynamic event access is dependent on the topography and configuration of individual courses and may be revised. You must follow the restrictions of the event in which you are participating.

Dynamic Courses: Driver Only - Only drivers and course marshals are allowed on the dynamic event courses.

No Work on Course - If your car becomes disabled during a dynamic event - including Endurance - it must be returned to the pits for repairs. No on-course repairs during any event.

Recovery Procedure - (1) Disabled vehicles will be pushed off course by the course marshals. (2) The marshal will notify the recovery crew. (3) Your car will be towed to your pit/paddock as soon as a recovery crew becomes available. Please do not badger the recovery crews; they will work as quickly as practical.

For any questions please contact or call 1-724-776-4841 for Education Relations.