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May 7 - 10, 2015

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2014 Registration Procedures

Fast Track Registration Process for 2014 Attention all SAE International Collegiate Design Series Teams in an effort to expedite the registration process, and alleviate long lines, we have developed a new onsite registration process for the 2014 competition season.

How does it work?

Pre-Event(s) Registration Actions:
  1. As team members join your CDS Team(s), all members should be affiliating themselves online at and updating their personal information*. *if you have more than one team or are attending more than one event you need to fill out each teams profile page
  2. Only the Team Captains and/or Faculty Advisors will be sent a list at least two weeks prior to the competition with an assigned deadline to confirm that all the team members are affiliated and their personal information is completed. We WILL NOT accept any handwritten documents/ or "add ins" onsite
  3. At least one week out from the competition, Team Captains/Faculty Advisors will be emailed the FINAL Registration Form that must be presented by them onsite.
Registration Procedures Onsite:
  1. A Team Captain and/or Faculty Advisor will proceed to the SAE International Registration Area bringing the completed list of team information and signatures with you.
  2. The Team Captain and/or Faculty Advisor are required to sign the list of signatures IN FRONT OF the Registration Staff to confirm and be accountable for the correctness of all signatures' information.
  3. The Team Captain and/or Faculty Advisor will receive all wristbands for only those who have signed. Again these individuals are accountable for issuing wristbands to affiliated team members with signatures.
  4. Any important registration information (dynamic passes/student handbooks/schedules) will be given to the Team Captain and/or Faculty Advisor.
  5. Student Registration will only be open days 1 & 2 of the event.
Below are some FAQ's about the new process. If you have any questions after reading them or about the new process please email us at

SAE International's Collegiate Design Series staff thanks you for your team's assistance and participation in the new registration process for the 2014 competition season. It is our hope that this will alleviate long lines and allow more time for your team to focus on your project(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we add team members to the list if we don't see them?
A: Each team member needs to affiliate themselves online the team's registration page under the specific competition signing in online with their SAE membership profile. They must also complete the required information used at registration.

Q: What if I am not an SAE International member?
A: As per the rules all team members must be members of at least one of the following societies: (1) SAE International, (2) SAE Australasia, (3) SAE Brazil, (4) ATA, (5) IMechE, (6) VDI, or (7) JSAE. If you are not SAE International members you will need to create a customer account on Any problems with creating an account or making sure your school is correct please email

Q: What is the timeframe we need to get team members affiliated?
A: As team members join the team, they should be affiliating themselves online. Team captains will be sent a list at least two weeks prior to the competition to confirm that all the team members are affiliated and their information is complete. We WILL NOT accept any handwritten documents onsite; all documents must be printed copies of what SAE sends you. Only acceptable handwritten marks are t-shirt sizes and signatures. No team member Add-ins will be accepted. At least one week out from the competition, team captains/faculty advisors will be emailed FINAL Registration Form that must be presented onsite.

Q: What happens if we get our final registration form and we still need team members added?
A: Writing in team members to the final list will not be accepted and so the entire team will need to report to the registration area to register with photo identification and proof of SAE Membership.

Q: In the Onsite Registration Procedure it states registration will only be open for two days; what do we do if we have a team member coming late?
A: As long as that team member(s) information is filled in on the final registration form complete with his/her signature we will consider them registered and the TEAM CAPTAIN/Advisor will be given his/her wristband at the time team registers. It will be the responsibility of the team captain/advisor to give him/her their wristband and any other deliverables upon their arrival.

Q: If we have all our team members affiliated but they are missing required information, what do we do?
A: If you notice information missing on the first registration form provided, encourage those team members to login and complete the information before final deadline. If by the second round their information is still missing, the entire team will need to report to registration area to register onsite with photo identification and proof of SAE Membership.

Q: What does it mean if everything is complete on our final registration form?
A: Having all the student team members and advisor registration information completed prior to arrival onsite will allow your team to have a quick registration where only the team captain/advisor is required to report to registration area. He/She will be responsible for signing as witness in front of SAE staff/volunteers that the team registration being submitted is complete and accurate with those onsite and attending. He/She will also be responsible for picking up all wristbands, distributing to team members and ensure team members to wear them. He/She will also collect all other deliverables provided to teams.
Cancellation Policy
Please be advised that NO REFUNDS will be given if your team withdraws from a competition. We do ask that teams withdrawing provide us with notice at least two weeks in advance, or sooner, if possible by contacting

Visa Requests
Affiliated CDS Student Team Members will have the ability to print out a Registration Confirmation Letter for the individual event(s) that they are attending. Once a student team member affiliates themselves to their teams profile page under their individual edit section. They will have the opportunity to print out their personalized letter with the following information: Student's Name, the School's Name, the SAE Event Name, Official Dates and Location(s).

Please be advised that SAE International cannot intervene with, or call or send personal letters to, the State Departments, Embassies or Consulates of the United States or other governments on behalf of any meeting or event participant.


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* This is a .pdf file. You’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.