SAE Collegiate Design Series

Rules & Important Documents

Documents below may be referenced as Competition Resources


2017 - 2018 Formula SAE Rules (Updated 13-Sept-2017)

2017-2018 Rules Clarifications to be added as Addendum (Updated 10-Jan-2017)

Questions about the Formula SAE® Rules
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Many of the required documents for the North American FSAE Competitions must now be submitted online. Visit for information on how to submit the required documents for cost, design and technical inspection.

Forms and templates for all the FSAE Series competitions are located on the public pages of

Competition Documents

  • Business Logic Case

Business Logic Case Introduction and Form

  • Tech

2018 Formula SAE Tech Sheet
2018 Electronic Throttle Control Checklist

2018 Alternative Frame Rules – Notice of Intent
2018 Structural Requirements Certification Form (SRCF)
2018 Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES)
2018 Impact Attenuator Data (IAD) Template
2018 Electronic Throttle Control – Notice of Intent
2018 Electronic Throttle Control Failure Modes and Effect Analysis Template

Front Bulkhead Main Roll Hoop Support Configuration Examples
Standard Impact Attenuator – Type 13 and Impact Attenuator Testing Set Up Examples

  • Tech - *Electric Only 

2018 Electrical Technical Inspection Sheet 
2018 Electrical Systems Form Template 
2018 EV Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) 
2018 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Template 
2018 Formula SAE Electric - Notice of Intent 2nd Year Vehicle
Electrical Systems Advisor / Electrical Systems Officer Form

PowerPoint: How to Complete your ESF
FSAE Energy Meter Spec
Accumulator Container Examples 

  • Cost 
    Documents below for Reference Only. Cost Report needs to be built in online cost module.
    Note: Catalogs below may not be as current as online module.

Fasteners Table 
Materials Table 
Processes Table 
Process Multipliers Table 
Tooling Table 
Cost Plumbing Catalog - High Pressure
Cost Plumbing Catalog - Low Pressure
Cost Plumbing Catalog - Socketless Low Pressure
Appendix S-2
Appendix S-3
Appendix S-4
Cost Report Hard Copy Tutorial 

  • Design

Competition Operations