SAE Collegiate Design Series


FAQ Guides

The FAQ guides have been created for use by SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge competitors.  If you have reviewed the FAQ guide and still have questions regarding a process, email for more direction.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge FAQ Guides 

Rules Questions

Ask rules questions by following the submission instructions published on by going to and clicking "Submit a Rules Question"" on the Quick Links menu on the right.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Forums

The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Forums are a great place to discuss competition-related items with fellow competitors and alumni.


When using the SAE International Logo and the Collegiate Design Series Word Mark's (i.e.: Baja SAE) please adhere to the Guidelines that are in each folder. If your team has any questions please contact Thank you.

SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Word Mark & Guidelines

Any questions please email