SAE Collegiate Design Series

Retrieving/Paying a Registration Invoice

It will take up to 24 hours for the Pay Invoice button to show up.  Don’t panic.  Your 48 hour payment deadline will not begin until the Pay Invoice button is active.

  1. Login at
  2. Navigate to and click on the individual competition.
  3. Click the Profile tab.
  4. Click on your Team Name.
  5. Click the Pay Invoice Now button.
    1. Complete the payment information.
      1. You can use up to four different credit cards to split the payment.
      2. You cannot use a deposit account.
    2. Click the Submit button.
    3. A Registration Confirmation page will appear when the process is completed.
    4. Print an official invoice by clicking Reprint Invoice.  The invoice will appear. 
    5. You can email yourself a printer friendly version by entering your email address and clicking the Send Invoice button.