Choosing a College

Thank you for coming to SAE for information on careers in automotive, aerospace and mobility engineering. While SAE doesn't rank colleges, here is some information to help you decide where to go for an education leading toward a career in automotive, aerospace and mobility engineering.

Choose an accredited school. There are many factors to consider when choosing a college program. One of the most important is whether or not that program is accredited. Accreditation assures that a program has met certain quality standards. To employers, graduate schools, and licensure and certification boards, graduation from an accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into the profession. In fact, most of these groups require graduation from an accredited program as a minimum qualification.

In applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, ABET, Inc., is the organization responsible for ensuring the quality of college and university programs. You can find a list of over 2,700 accredited programs in these fields on their website: Keep in mind, not all programs in these fields are accredited. Check with ABET to be sure you are choosing wisely.

There are many colleges and universities that offer courses specializing in automotive, aerospace and mobility technologies. A mechanical engineering degree would give you the necessary educational background to work in the automotive, aerospace or commercial vehicle industry, and with vehicles being more computerized and electronic, you may also want to consider a degree in electrical engineering.

Visit the SAE International Global University Directory, the most comprehensive and focused list of global engineering programs dedicated to mobility.

Visit, SAE's partner with other engineering societies for more information on selecting a school, information on types of engineering careers, and ask engineering students or experts about engineering options.

SAE has over 400 student chapters at many universities throughout the country and world. In addition to the engineering education you receive, SAE student chapters have the opportunity to participate in our Collegiate Design Competitions where student teams design, build and race vehicles. Student competitions offer hands-on experience beyond the classroom that has been highly sought after by automotive and aerospace manufacturers and suppliers and motorsports teams.

If you are interested in the ranking of universities that offer undergraduate engineering programs, you may want to check out U.S. News and World Report's website:

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