Instructions for Hosting a Lecture


This program provides a unique opportunity for SAE Faculty Advisors and Students to invite an industry lecturer to interact with students and faculty on campus.

SAE Faculty Advisors and Student Officers:
To invite one of the practicing engineers to visit and lecture on your campus submit an invitation to the lecturer of choice but e-mail the invitation to Chris Joseph of SAE Upon receipt, your invitation will be immediately forwarded to the lecturer. The lecturer will then contact you direct either by e-mail or telephone to discuss scheduling a lecture. Include in your invitation several possible lecture dates. These can act as a starting point when the lecturer responds to your request. Please give lecturers at least 3 - 4 weeks when proposing meeting dates.

As a host, you will be responsible for making arrangements for a successful visit by the lecturer on your campus. This will include the following items: communicating with the lecturer to confirm the date, arranging a place where the lecture will take place such as an auditorium or classroom, arranging for the necessary AV equipment to be available, promoting the lecture to the students and faculty to obtain a good size audience, and planning an agenda for the day's activities if the lecturer communicated time was available.

Additionally, you are welcome to ask the lecturer to tour the campus labs and facilities including showing your SAE competition vehicles or other projects. You should provide the lecturer with directions to your campus and parking information. Confirmation of activities as well as time and location should be confirmed to the lecturer in writing (e-mail acceptable) prior to the visit.

The lecturer is responsible for making their own travel arrangements; a lecturer may ask for assistance in locating a hotel nearby campus and determining the best mode of transportation to and from the airport and then to campus. You do not need to make reservations for the lecturer but provide information so that the lecturer can make reservations. Of course, any assistance such as providing transportation for the lecturer to the hotel, or providing a parking spot on campus would be appreciated, but is not mandatory. Hosting meals before or after a lecture or having snacks available during the lecture is at your discretion. SAE covers expenses of the lecturer's travel but does not cover these optional food and beverage items.

As mentioned, SAE, through the Teetor Awards Fund, covers the lecturer's travel expenses. The lecturer's employer covers the lecturer's time away from the office, and sometimes, their employer will cover the travel expenses. Organizing a well-planned and attended visit is a good way to say 'thank you' to the lecturer's employer for providing the lecturer with the time and in some instances the means to be on-campus addressing the students and faculty.

The lecturer is responsible to notify SAE of confirmed lecture dates in advance of the visit.

A host will want to re-confirm all of the details with the lecturer several days prior to the visit. Additionally, you will want to invite as many students and faculty as possible to attend the presentation and participate in any of the other activities you may have planned. In an effort to promote additional industry - academia networking, the SAE Teetor Committee has allowed the local SAE section members to attend the lecture. The lecture must be held on campus and you must notify Chris Joseph of SAE (724) 772-8532 prior to the lecture. To find out if there is a local section near your university contact Chris Joseph of SAE (724) 772-8532 or

Requests for lecture visits may be made at any time throughout the year; however all visits for the lecture series must be completed prior to December 31 of a given each year. Requests will be accepted from any of the 48 contiguous United States, or from Canada.

Please direct questions regarding this program to Chris Joseph at SAE, Member Relations Coordinator, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001, fax (724) 776-3393, phone (724) 772-8532, e-mail