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Membership Options for Your Early Career Years
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1st Year$20
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4th Year$65
5th Year$79

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Is there SAE life after college?
Of course! More than 121,000 professionals and enthusiasts are members of SAE International, the world's premier mobility engineering society - and you should be too. That's because knowledge and experience will be the fuel that propels your future, and SAE has the tools to help you get there. As an SAE member, you have many options:
  • Make an impact on technology development and implementation by participating in committees and forums that develop important industry standards.
  • Prepare for career advancements by developing leadership and organizational skills, while making contacts as a member of a local section board. Then work your way up to SAE International boards and committees.
  • Refresh your knowledge of cutting edge technology by attending SAE seminars, using eLearning tools, reading publications or participating in technical sessions at SAE meetings.
  • Capture peer and employer attention by writing papers and presenting at SAE conferences.
  • Earn college credit toward a graduate degree or receive a professional certificate in Automotive Systems through SAE programs.
  • Help children learn - and get excited about - engineering and scientific concepts through SAE's A World In Motion (AWIM) elementary and middle school programs.
  • Stay connected with students and have fun by volunteering at Collegiate Design Series competitions.

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Did you know?

SAE meets the needs of many people:
• Auto Enthusiasts
• Engineers
• Consultants
• Managers
• Corporate Leaders
• Retirees

SAE provides value in all life-cycle phases:
• Design
• Manufacturing
• Testing
• Maintenance
• Management

SAE is a part of many industries:
• Automobile
• Motorsports
• Truck
• Aerospace
• Agriculture
• Commercial Vehicle
• Marine
• Off-Highway
• Education
• Government

SAE offers many types of opportunities:
• Job Opportunities and Career Development
• Technical Knowledge
• Industry Connections
• Networking
• Leadership Opportunities

Opportunities to contribute to children's education, your community, and the mobility industry.

  How do SAE members feel about their society?

"As a 21 year member, I can personally attest to the value of SAE membership. Just as importantly, I can assure young engineers that companies see SAE and its members as vital parts of our industry communities. That's why General Motors and its employees are active participants in SAE events, standards committees, Sections and more. I recommend that every young engineer take advantage of the opportunities SAE provides to enhance your career by developing your skills and visibility."
Ned McClurg, Vice President of Engineering for GM Powertrain

"The professional contacts, mentors, technical information, and opportunities made available to me through my continuing membership in SAE after graduation gave me the ability and freedom to pursue innovative projects that have change the course of my career."
Lori Fussell, Executive Director, The Institute of Science, Ecology, and the Environment (Co-founder SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge) - Wilson, WY

"SAE allows me to both contribute to and benefit from the society. I can make a difference for children and my community through the 'A World In Motion' program, build social equity through my local contacts, learn leadership and management skills as a section officer (Chairman at age 26!), broaden my knowledge of local and global industry issues and increase my creativity as an engineer. SAE provides for all of my professional needs."
Jason Wilkening, Design Engineer, Freightliner - Portland, OR

"Formula SAE and Mini Baja were my best collegiate experiences. I am still learning, making new friends, and benefiting in my career through continued attendance at local section meetings, my participation on SAE's boards and committees, and by judging Mini Baja events."
Derek Logan, Senior Quality Engineer, General Motors - Arlington, TX

"SAE has been a part of my professional life since I was a Freshman at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. It has served me well through many job functions and has led to many great personal and professional friendships. To me, SAE equals opportunity."
Dean Case, Product PR, Nissan North America - Gardena, CA

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