2001 Award Winners


The Spirit of Excellence Awards
Top ten finishers overall

1st$3000Cornell University
2nd$2000University of Missouri-Columbia
3rd$1000Ohio State University
4th$600University of Wisconsin-Madison
5th$500Texas A&M University
6th$400Ecole de technologie superieure
7th$300Dartmouth College
8th$250University of Texas at Arlington
9th$250University of Waterloo
10th$250Clemson University

The Russell Racing School Dynamic Performance Awards
Top three teams with the highest combined points in the dynamic events - "Techniques of Racing" course

1stCornell University
2ndUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
3rdUniversity of Texas at Arlington

The U.S. Dept of Energy through Argonne National Lab M85 Awards
Top five M85 finishers

1st$1500Cornell University
2nd$1250California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
3rd$1000Georgia Institute of Technology
4th$750Oregon State University
5th$500University of Akron

The U.S. Dept of Energy through Argonne National Lab M85 Fuel Economy Award
Best M85 fuel economy

1st$1000California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

The UGS Best Engineering Design Award
Best score in engineering design

1st$1250University of Waterloo
2nd$625Ohio State University (tie)
2nd$625Ecole de technologie superieure (tie)

The Goodyear Best Performance Awards
Top three teams with the highest combined score in the acceleration and skid-pad

1st8 Goodyear tiresCornell University
2nd6 Goodyear tiresOhio State University
3rd4 Goodyear tiresRochester Institute of Technology

The Hoosier Racing Tire Autocross Awards
Top three finishers in the autocross event

1st8 Hoosier tiresCornell University
2nd6 Hoosier tiresUniversity of Missouri-Columbia
3rd4 Hoosier tiresPennsylvania State University

The Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup Presented by SCCA
To recognize outstanding mentoring by a Formula SAE® faculty advisor

$1000Andrew Deakin-University of Leeds

The William C. Mitchell Rookie Award
Best finish for a first year entry - "Racing by the Numbers"

1stUniversity of Idaho

The SAE Bookstore Perseverance Awards
Top 5 rookie teams with the highest overall points - Complete set of Carroll Smith books

1stUniversity of Idaho
2ndMinnesota State University-Mankato
3rdCalifornia State University-Long Beach
4thUniversity of Louisiana-Lafayette
5thKanagawa Institute of Technology

The Cost Event Award
The team with the lowest corrected cost and best report in the cost event

1st$500University of Cincinnati

The Aerotek Engineering Best Presentation Award
Best score in the presentation event

1st$500Rochester Institute of Technology

The EDS Outstanding Sportsmanship Award
Team that exhibits the highest degree of sportsmanship

1st$1000University of Pittsburgh

The Robert Bosch Corporation Engine Management System Awards
Best engine management system

1st$1500University of Wisconsin-Madison
2nd$750McGill University
3rd$250Cornell University

The Mechanical Dynamics Functional Digital Formula Car Awards
Top three teams that utilize Functional Virtual Prototyping tools for design and dynamic performance evaluation

1st$750University of Leeds
2nd$250Michigan Technological University
3rd$250University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

The Hawk Performance Outstanding Teamwork Award
Team that best exemplifies teamwork throughout the competition - Two Richard Petty Driving Experiences

1st$1000University of Leeds

The Altair Engineering Best Use of Optimization in Design Award
Teams that utilize creative optimization CAE technologies and the effective implementation of the results

1st$750Cornell University
2nd$500University of Leeds

The TRC Safety/Crashworthiness Awards
Top three designs that promote unique safety features that will improve a vehicles crash prevention and worthiness

1st$1000University of Leeds
2nd$500University of Waterloo
3rd$250Michigan Technological University

The Dynojet Research Highest Horsepower Awards
Highest maximum horsepower achieved in both naturally aspirated and forced induction classes

Naturally aspirated$500Ecole de technologie superieure
Forced induction$500Carleton University

The Visteon Powertrain Cooling System Awards
Top three teams that exhibit the best powertrain cooling system

1st$1250University of Akron
2nd$750Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
3rd$500University of Leeds

The Continental Teves Best in Class Brake System Awards
Top three teams that exhibit the best brake system

1st$1000Rochester Institute of Technology
2nd$500Brown University
3rd$250University of Leeds

The Ricardo Powertrain Development Awards
Top three teams that exhibit the best powertrain system using development tools and strategies to improve overall vehicle performance

1st$1250Cornell University
2nd$750Rochester Institute of Technology
3rd$500University of Minnesota
Honorable Mention University of Florida

The Certificate of Accomplishment Awards
Teams that scored in all events but did not finish in the top 10

Brown University
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Clarkson University
McGill University
Michigan State University
Michigan Technological University
Queen's University
Rutgers University
University of Cincinnati
University of Kansas
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
University of Texas at Austin
University of Washington
Worcester Polytechnic Institute