2005 Formula SAE Winners

Continental Teves Best in Class Brake Systems Award
This award is based upon innovation, technology, cost/value, analytical and design methods, component & material selection, failsafe and overall packaging - $1250, $750, $500
1st - University of Sao Paulo, 2nd - University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - 3rd University of Toronto

Henkel Technologies Structural Foam Award
Best use of Polymeric Structural Foam Award
Wayne State University

IMechE Best Engineering Design Award
Best score in the engineering design event. - $1,000
University of Western Australia

Ricardo Powertrain Award
Innovation and excellence in powertrain engineering. - $750, $500, $250
1st - University of Western Australia, 2nd - University of Waterloo, 3rd -University of Toronto

Robert Bosch Corporation Engine Management System Award
Excellence in design and performance of the Engine Management System, including ECU, fuel/ignition/air delivery. Includes controls of transmission, traction control, etc. - $750, $500, $250
1st - Cornell University, 2nd - University of Wisconsin- Madison, 3rd - Penn State University

Visteon Powertrain Cooling System Award
This award promotes the understanding of analysis, design, and construction of a powertrain cooling system. - $750, $500, $250
1st - University of Wisconsin Madison, 2nd - Drexel University, 3rd - Missouri Rolla

SAE Motorsports Award
This award is presented to the team that finishes first in acceleration. - $1,000
Texas A&M - 4.049 time

Society of Plastics Engineers' Composites Division Award
The award is presented for the most innovative use of polymer-matrix composites - $1,000, $700, $300
1st - University of Western Australia, 2nd - University of Waterloo, 3rd- Rochester Institute of Technology

ArvinMeritor Suspension System Award
The team that exhibits the best suspension system design and development; including outstanding performance, manufacturing, and asthetics - $1000, $500
1st - University of Western Australia, 2nd - Oxford Brooks University, 3rd - University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Altair Engineering's William R. Adam Engineering Award
Top three teams that exhibits innovative engineering concepts in vehicle design. - $500, $300, $200
1st - University of Western Australia, 2nd - University of California - San Diego, 3rd - University of Western Australia

Solidworks Fastest Time to Market Skidpad Award
Presented to the top three teams in skidpad event - $500, $300, $200
1st - Oxford Brooks University, 2nd - University of Western Australia, 3rd - Texas A&M University

Bruel and Kjaer Quiet Car Cup
Awarded for the car that measures the lowest dBA reading on the first try during the noise event. $250
Drexel University

Polaris Intake Systems Design Award
The Polaris Intake Systems Design Award is given to the team that displays the most innovation in their air intake and fuel delivery systems - $1000
University of Western Australia

Lincoln Electric Welding Award
The team that would benefit the most by having a Lincoln welder. - Welding Unit & Training
Case Western Reserve & Northern Illinois University

Goodyear Best Performance Award
Top 3 Teams in Endurance - 3 Sets of Tires, 2 Sets of Tires, 1 Set of Tires
1st - Cornell University, 2nd - University of Western Australia, 3rd - University of Washington

Hoosier Tire Autocross Award
Fastest three recorded autocross runs - 8 tires, 6 tires, 4 tires
1st - Texas A&M University, 2nd - Cornell University, 3rd - RMIT University

William C. Mitchell Rookie Award
Best finish for a first year entry. - Racing by the Numbers
Case Western Reserve University

Yazaki North America Presentation Award
The team that receives the best score in presentation - $500
RMIT University

Yazaki North America Cost Award
The team that receives the best score in Cost. - $500
University of Michigan Dearborn

SAE Perseverance Award
Top 5 rookie teams with the highest overall points - Set of Carroll Smith books
Case Western Reserve University, Texas Tech University, University of Sao Paulo, University of Portland, Binghamton University

Road & Track Triathlon Award
The team that records the fastest time on the Road & Track course. - Trophy
Texas A&M University

Carroll Smith Mentor's Cup Presented by SCCA
Recognizing outstanding mentoring by a Formula SAE advisor. - $1500
Make McDermott, Texas A&M University

Formula SAE Certificate of Accomplishment
Teams that successfully score in all events and do not finish in the top 10. - Certificates

Spirit of Excellence Award
Top ten overall finishers. - $3000, $2000, $1000, $600, $500, $400, $300, $250, $250, $250
2nd-University of Western Australia, 3rd - University of Wisconsin-Madison, 4th - University of Waterloo, 5th - University of Washington, 6th - Penn State University, 7th - North Carolina State University, 8th - Saginaw Valley, 9th - University of Missouri-Rolla, 10th - Ryerson University

SAE Foundation Cup honoring Neil A. Schilke
Presented to the overall first place winner
1st - Cornell University