Action Deadlines

Event Dates
April 22-25, 2009
Virginia International Raceway
Alton, VA

Action Deadlines for 2009 Formula SAE® Virginia

All submissions except the Cost Report must be received by the deadline - NOT POSTMARKED

Opens: October 6, 2008 at 10:00 AM EDT
Closes: December 22, 2008 at 11:59pm EDT or when the 50 car limit is reached.
Registration Fee: $1,000.00
Structural Equivalency Form
Available online
Send via email: Kathleen McDonald,
February 1, 2009
Impact Attenuator Data
See Section
Send via email: Kaley Zundel,
March 1, 2009
Design Report & Design Spec Sheet
See Section 4.5
Send via email: Kaley Zundel,
A confirmation email will be sent once the email and documents are reviewed for accurate submission. Please only send email once and be sure to follow document submission rules!
March 2, 2009
Cost Report must be postmarked by
available online
Send via mail to: Attn: Suzy Zukowski
Team SAE - Chrysler, LLC
CIMS 483-01-14
800 Chrysler Drive East
Auburn Hills Michigan 48326-2757
March 2, 2009
Formula SAE Program Submissions
  1. Vehicle Specifications can be found online under team registration page, please complete! This list will be pulled for use of the program!
  2. Please affiliate online team registration page all team members and faculty in designated areas. This list will be pulled for use of the program!
  3. Please complete online the Design Summary of your vehicle. This paragraph will be pulled for use of the program!
  4. Please attach online in designated area under team registration page a color photo of the 2009 car, car and team, CAD photo or 2008 car in jpeg format. This photo will be used for publishing in 2009 event program!
Please Note: If you do not submit all required items by the deadline, your team will not be published!
February 28, 2009
Fuel Type Order
Notify Kathleen McDonald of the type of fuel you will use.
April 1, 2009

Rules Inquiries concerning Formula SAE competitions in North America
Send via email to: Kathleen McDonald,