2006 Award Winners

Altair Engineering's William R. Adam Engineering Award
Top team that exhibits innovative engineering concepts in vehicle design. - $1000
University of California - San Diego

Bruel and Kjaer Quiet Car Cup
Awarded for the car that measures the lowest dBA reading on the first try during the noise event. $250
University of Alberta

Continental Teves Best in Class Brake Systems Award
This award is based upon innovation, technology, cost/value, analytical and design methods, component & material selection, failsafe and overall packaging - $1250, $750, $500
3rd place - RMIT
2nd place - Auburn University
1st place - Ecole de Technologie Superieure

Goodyear Best Performance Award
Top 3 Teams in Endurance - 3 Sets of Tires, 2 Sets of Tires, 1 Set of Tires
3rd place - University of Missouri-Rolla
2nd place - University of Wollongong
1st place - Texas A & M University

Honda Acceleration Award
Best acceleration time - $1200, $800, $500
3rd place - University of California - San Diego
2nd place - Sophia University
1st place - Oregon State

Honda Dynamic Event
Best Overall in Dynamic Events - $1200, $800, $500
3rd place - University of Toledo
2nd place - University of Wollongong
1st place - Texas A & M University

Hoosier Tire Autocross Award
Fastest three recorded autocross runs - 8 free tires, 6 free tires, 4 free tires
3rd place - University of Wollongong
2nd place - Michigan State University
1st place - University of Kansas-Lawrence

Lincoln Electric Welding Award
The team that would benefit the most by having a Lincoln welder. - Welding Unit & Training
University of California - Davis

Road & Track Triathlon Award
The team that records the fastest time on the Road & Track course. - Trophy
Texas A & M University

SAE Perseverance Award
Top 5 rookie teams with the highest overall points - Set of Carroll Smith books
5th place - Universidad Iberomaericana
4th place - Montana State-Bozeman
3rd place - Brigham Young University
2nd place - Lafayette College
1st place - Faculdade de Eugenharia de Sorocaba

William C. Mitchell Rookie Award
Best finish for a first year entry. - Racing by the Numbers
Faculdade de Eugenharia de Sorocaba

Spirit of Excellence Award
Top ten overall finishers. - $3000, $2000, $1000, $600, $500, $400, $300, $250, $250, $250
10th place - University of Akron
9th place - University of Missouri Rolla
8th place - University of Oklahoma
7th place - University of Toledo
6th place - Auburn University
5th place - Rochester Institute of Technology
4th place - University of Washington
3rd place - University of Wollongong
2nd place - RMIT
1st place - Texas A & M University

Formula SAE Certificate of Accomplishment
Teams that successfully score in all events and do not finish in the top 10. - Certificates are handed out at end of event.
California State Poly University - San Luis Obis
University of Akron
Clemson University
University of Kansas-Lawrence
Chalmers University of Technology
Faculdade de Eugenharia de Sorocaba
Kettering University
California State University - Northridge
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Lafayette College
Washington State University
University of California - Davis
Sophia University