2005 Mini Baja Rules Update

A few minor errors have been found in this year's rules; we are sorry for the late notice and apologize for any inconvenience this late update might cause.

  1. Cockpit Padding
    Rule 31.4.2 "Cockpit Padding" has been enforced for the past two years and was suppose to have been updated in the 2005 rules, it was missed during formatting.
    31.4.2 Cockpit Padding
    The cockpit must be padded with resilient material in the area around the driver; this padding is to protect course workers and the driver. Recommended materials are ethafoam or ensolite. In addition, a head rest of at least 25.4 mm (1 inch) thick resilient material must be mounted behind the driver's head.

  2. Belly Pan
    When the body panel rule was added rule 32.4 "Belly Pan" was inadvertently deleted, this rule still applies.
    32.5 Belly Pan
    The cockpit must be fitted with a belly pan over its entire length so that the driver cannot contact the ground and is protected from debris while seated normally. Belly pan material may be metal or equivalent plastic sheet, but expanded metal is not acceptable.
    *Please note the insertion of rule 32.5 the rules formerly 32.5 to 32.8 have been renumbered as 32.6 through 32.9.

  3. Kill Switches
    Only one type of kill switch is allowed as specified in rule 32.7.1 - Sections (a) and (b) no longer apply and should have been deleted. The rule should read as stated below:
    32.7.1 Kill Switch - Type
    The kill switch must be a 01-171 Ski-Doo kill switch available at http://www.mfgsupply.com/m/c/01-171.html?id=UxSI4Vzn or equivalent (See figure below for example).
    (a) Cockpit Switch - The kill switch must not be a momentary switch and require sustained action by the driver.
    (b) External Switch - Must be an emergency style push button kill switch pushed will remain in the kill position. (See figure below for example)

    Since all the kill switches must be the same type, kill must be in the pushed direction for both switches.
    32.6.2 Kill Switch - Locations and Orientation
    (a) Cockpit Switch - The cockpit switch must be located in the front of the cockpit within easy reach of the driver when strapped into the seat. The switch may not be mounted on a removable steering wheel assembly. The internal switch must be oriented with "run" in the out position and "kill" in the in position.

    It is only necessary to label the Kill switch. Since the kill position for both switches is identical no position marking is required.
    32.7.3 Kill Switch - Labels
    Both switches must be clearly labeled as the "kill switch"

  4. Brakes
    The brakes must be capable of being locked on both paved or unpaved surfaces.
    34.1 Foot Brake
    The car must be equipped with a hydraulic braking system that acts on all wheels and is operated by a single foot. The brake system must be capable of locking ALL FOUR wheels in a static condition and dynamically on pavement and an unpaved surface.

  5. Vehicle Flag
    Rule 24.6 "Vehicle Flag" has been suspended for the North American competitions only.