Mini Baja West, May 11-13, Portland, Oregon, USA

For events with registration limits, the number of registered teams can be viewed on competition specific websites. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis with NO waiting lists.

Registration Fee $500.00
Deadline December 29, 2005

Briggs & Stratton Engine Order Fee: $130.00
December 29, 2005

Registration Requirements

Students registering a team must:
  • Be a paid SAE member.
  • Be affiliated with the school you are registering. The school that is currently listed in your MySAE record will be the school that you will have the ability to register.
  • If your team members have not joined, send them to Join SAE Now.
  • You can not register as a SAE member and your team the same day. You can register your team 24 hours after you register as a SAE member.
Faculty Advisors:
For faculty advisors to register a team, you must:
  • Be the advisor of an official SAE Collegiate Chapter.
  • Be the advisor of a competition team from an official SAE Collegiate Chapter.
  • You will need a MySAE login user ID and password to have the ability to register your team.

How to Register

Registration may only be done online and paid for via credit card. No other form of registration will be acceptable, i.e. faxes, postal mail, registering via telephone, etc. You will need a credit card to register and order your Mini Baja engine if necessary. The SAE registration system will provide you with an Order Receipt for reimbursement.

Registration Fees are not refundable.

Once you have chosen the event you wish to register for, you will need to complete the following instructions (the words in all caps and blue are key registration steps):

1. When prompted by the SAE Login, enter your USER NAME and PASSWORD
2. Your university name will appear in the upper left-hand corner. Click the ADD A NEW TEAM button
3. Choose the appropriate COST OF REGISTRATION
4. Enter your TEAM NAME
5. Choose the COMPETITION DEFAULT CATEGORY unless you are registering for AERO DESIGN, at which point you will choose OPEN or REGULAR CLASS
6. Select your ROLE on the team, your choices are: FACULTY ADVISOR, TEAM MEMBER or TEAM CAPTAIN
7. Click the REGISTER AND PAY button
8. Enter your CREDIT CARD information
Note: The credit card holder does not have to be the same as the person registering
9. You will be taken to YOUR ORDER RECEIPT page. This is the only receipt that will be available to you. Please print your receipt!
10. From the Order Receipt page, click your TEAM NAME if you would like to do any of the following:
     See your Vehicle Number
     Order your Mini Baja engine
     Add New Team Members
     Update Vehicle Specs
     Reprint Your Invoice
11. To order your Mini Baja engine, click the ORDER ENGINE button. If you do not want your engine shipped to the default BILL TO ADDRESS, then click the MODIFY / SELECT FROM MY ADDRESSES button and choose another address, or add a new address. We can not ship to PO Box�s. From there click the SUBMIT ORDER & PAY NOW button. Enter your credit card information and click the SUBMIT PAYMENT button.

Registration Form >

Registration Error Q & A

The following is a Q & A to assist you with possible registration errors.

What if my school on my membership card or MySAE is wrong?
If the appropriate school is not listed in MySAE, use the following instructions to change your affiliation. Access MySAE, go to MyMember Info, and simply click Update School Information.

What if my school is not listed in the choices on the website when updating my school affiliation in MySAE?
If you cannot find your school when searching, you will be prompted to enter your school information to create a new school record.

What if I am not a current SAE student member?
If you are not a student member, or if your membership has expired, you will need to complete the online membership form before registering your team. There will be a delay of one business day between the time you apply for membership and when your membership becomes active. Join SAE Now.

Unrecognized Schools

    What do I do if the system does not recognize my school?
    When trying to register your team as a paid SAE student member, the school you are affiliated with will automatically appear. If the appropriate school is not listed in MySAE, use the following instructions to change your affiliation. Access MySAE, go to MyMember Info, and simply click Update School Information.

    Mini Baja & Supermileage Engine Ordering

    How do I order a Mini Baja or Supermileage Engine?
    If you are eligible under the specified criteria in the Mini Baja and Supermileage rules to receive an engine, you must 1st complete the team registration process. Once you have registered, you may immediately order your engine, or you may log out and order your engine at a later date by consulting number 11 of the HOW TO REGISTER instructions above.
    You must have your credit card when ordering a Mini Baja engine.

Adding Additional Team Members

    How do I register additional team members after I have registered?
    You will need to be a paid SAE student member or the faculty advisor. Students must be affiliated with the school for the team that you are adding the student or yourself to.

    One paid SAE student member or faculty advisor may add all team members to their competition registration by logging into MySAE and following the HOW TO REGISTER instructions above. However, all driver�s license, insurance and emergency contact information must be added/updated prior to the competition. You may request a roster of your student members by emailing: In your email be sure to include your school name and campus/city branch if necessary.

NOTE: It is imperative that you enter all valid Driver's License; Insurance and Emergency Contact information PRIOR to the competition.

Potential Errors:

    This is not a valid number
    The number you entered can not be found in the computer system because the individual is not a paid member, or is not affiliated with the school.

    Member is not associated with this school
    This means that although the student is an SAE member, our records do not show them as being affiliated with the school that you are trying to add them to. See "unrecognized schools" above.

    A blank screen is also an error, which could occur for various reasons
    If you get a blank screen and reloading the page will not fix it, please send an email to explaining what exactly occurred.


    How do I get a receipt?
    Once you have completed the registration, you will be taken to the Your Order Receipt Order Receipt page. This is the only receipt that will be provided to you. You may log in to your registration and print your receipt at any time.

Team/Vehicle Numbers

    How do we get a team number?
    Team numbers are automatically assigned by the online registration system. Once you have completed your registration and are sitting on the Your Order Receipt page, you may click on your Team Name. This will take you back to your registration where you will be able to view your number.

Registration Form >